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Cornish Tin/Clay Mining

When buying a property in Devon & Cornwall, it is recommended that you obtain a Cornish mining report to determine whether the property may be affected by risk of subsidence from past mining operations.


The geology of Devon & Cornwall is such that mining of a variety of minerals including copper, tin, zinc, lead, iron and silver has been undertaken since before 1000 BC. Industrialised mining in the 19th century has left the County with a great many disused mine shafts and shallow works which may potentially affect ground and structural stability.


In addition, china clay and slate have been mined extensively in the County, and china clay mining continues into the present day.


Cornish mining searches reveal details of:

• The underlying geology of a property

• Any mining history within the area

• A Mining Appraisal

• A summary conclusion of the indicated risks to the property

• A composite plan indicating the location of known, indicated and suspected mining works in the vicinity of the subjects


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