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Environmental Reports

Searches Direct can provide you with a vast array of different Environmental Report’s for any type and size of property or land. An Environmental Report contains a professional assessment of a property or area of land in relation to the nearby environmental factors and states whether there needs to be any further action relating to any issues that is identified. An Environmental Report normally give details of historic land use, flooding information, contaminated land, radon gas, mining, ground stability and much more within a given radius of a property or piece of land which could adversely affect it. Whether purchasing a Residential, Commercial, Agricultural property or purchasing land for development, there is a suitable Environmental Report that can be ordered from Searches Direct.


Searches Direct offers a wide range of Environmental Reports produced by companies such as Groundsure and Future Climate Information. There are many varieties of Environmental Reports which vary in price depending on how detailed they are, some of which are listed below;



• Landmark Homecheck Environmental Report – The Homecheck Professional Environmental Report is for use by Lawyers and other professionals involved in residential property. It provides information in the five key areas that are not covered by Standard Enquiries of Local Authorities. Ever report includes a clear assessment on contaminated land liability from Europe’s largest environmental consultancy.

• Landmark Homecheck Flood Report – A flood risk assessment with online viewer for standard residential properties, including a manual assessment when a potential risk is found. Designed to examine the overall risk of flooding, taking into account any flood defences present and how flood risk affects the availability of insurance for a site. Flood information covering risks from river, coastal, groundwater and surface water sources.

• Landmark Flood Solutions Consult Residential Report – A manually assessed desktop report for residential properties with a previously identified flood risk. This report is designed to articulate the impact, if any, a flood event could have on the property and includes likely depths of flooding, an impact map and targeted next steps and recommendations.

• Landmark Plansearch Plus – Details not just commercial and residential applications made since 1997, but also the planning decisions on larger applications. It also includes aerial photography and neighbourhood information such as local facilities, school and crime rates, making Plansearch Plus the most comprehensive planning product on the market.

• GroundSure Homebuyers  – Identifies a risk of contaminated land, contains detailed flood information, assessment of manmade risks, radon exposure and much more.

• GroundSure Flood – Contains a wide range of data and considers many types of flood risk in addition to an opinion on the likely availability of insurance based upon data utilised extensively by the Association of British Insurers.

• FCI Residential Standard Environmental Report <0.25Ha – Analyses Environmental, Flood and Ground Stability data with a professional opinion on each element.

• FCI Residential Premium Environmental Report <0.25Ha – Analyses Environmental, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure data with a professional opinion on each element.



• Landmark Sitecheck Assess – Sitecheck Assess is ideal for use by general commercial conveyancers. It provides a detailed environmental risk report with a professional opinion from Argyll Environmental Limited, ensuring complete protection and reliance against Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

• Landmark Sitecheck Flood Report – Sitecheck Flood from Landmark Information Group is the first commercial flood report available that includes an independent professional opinion of risk from a dedicated team of expert consultants at RPS, one of the largest providers of bespoke Flood Risk Assessments in the UK.

• Landmark Sitecheck Combined Report – An environmental search which combines a contaminated land assessment with a flood risk screening. This report includes all the features of the Sitecheck Combined product but also includes copies of the historical maps that were reviewed during the assessment.

• GroundSure Screening – This report is designed specifically for lower value commercial transactions, multi-site property portfolios and also for large estates and landholdings such as agricultural estates, country clubs, wind farms etc. It contains information on contaminated land, flooding, historical tanks, gas or petrol stations, natural hazards, underground oil and fuel pipes and much more.

• GroundSure Review – This report is highly detailed and combines standard environmental liability issues and a flood risk assessment along with information on contaminated land, banking security, historic and current land use, Geology, hydrogeology and hydrological factors, natural hazards and much, much more.

• FCI Standard Commercial Environmental Report <0.25Ha – Analyses Environmental, Flood and Ground Stability data with a professional opinion on each element.

• FCI Premium Commercial Environmental Report <0.25Ha – Analyses Environmental, Flood, Ground Stability and Energy & Infrastructure data with a professional opinion on each element.


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