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HS2 Energy & Infrastructure Reports

The Energy & Infrastructure Report provides an accurate search for both commercial or residential properties for several selected Energy and Infrastructure projects across the UK. Currently the report will indicate if the property is likely to be impacted by the following development projects:

• The High Speed 2 rail network (HS2)

• Areas licensed for on-shore energy exploration and production including areas licensed for hydraulic fracturing (fracking)

• Existing, planned and proposed wind farms and wind turbines across the UK

• Crossrail Phase 1

• Yorkshire and Humber Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Cross Country Pipeline

• Operating and planned Solar Farms

• Operating and planned Renewable Power Plants


Designed for anyone concerned about the impact that the proposed HS2 and Crossrail rail links could have on their property and property owners who want to know if they could face potential impacts due to being located within an area licensed for energy exploration and production, being near to existing and planned wind farms and turbines, solar farms, other renewable power plants or close to the route of the Yorkshire and Humber CCS Cross Country Pipeline.


For more information please contact us on 01254 676316 or email info@searchesdirect.co.uk

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