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Why Regulated Searches are on the increase

An important part of the process involving the purchase of property is conveyancing searches. These are used to provide a potential buyer with important information they can use to certify purchases and help them renegotiate offers, when necessary. However, the thing that often confuses many people when it comes to arranging property searches is the fact that there are two different types of searches. The two types of property searches used in the UK are the Regulated Local Authority Search and Council Local Authority Search. If you are looking to buy a home and come across these two terms, you may...

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Background to Property Searches

The word “property searches” comprises numerous different searches offered by Local Government, Agencies of Government, commercial & utility organizations. The purpose of every search is to offer the client with information about any possible restrictions, benefits, conditions and obstructions which could disturb the property and eventually the clients’ usage and pleasure of it. There are several searches that exist, even though many are dedicated searches applicable only to a limited number of properties. They may cover all such things which include financial charges, flood risks, mine shafts to information about the environment. This blog delivers information about the most common...

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